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75% Blue Grass, 25% Fescue Blend

Our product is the perfect combination of blue grass, and fescue blends, providing you with a brilliant green lawn that stands up to Saskatchewan weather.

Fescue makes the blend shade tolerant, blue grass provides a softer feeling that responds well to area conditions.

Sandy loam creates an optimal drainage and growing base for the seeds to germinate. This base also maintains its dimensions in dryer conditions.

Low Maintenance

Pet Friendly

Active Family

Calculating area
for product:

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Area = Length x Width

A = 90 x 60
A = 5400 square feet


A = (AA + BB + CC) x 10

A = (40 + 60 + 32) x 10
A = 132 x 10
A = 1320 square feet


Area = 1/2 x Base x Height

A = 1/2 BH

A = 1/2 x 60 x 120

A = 3600 square feet

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