In December of 2019, Jade Sod Farm was purchased with the dream of changing how the farm operates. Jade Sod Farm is nestled in the Moose Jaw river valley, 5km south of Moose Jaw, serviced the city and nearby areas. The new owners believe the border southern Saskatchewan market desires the gold standard sandy loam sod that Moose Jaw residents have had access to for decades.

We have moved the farm forward with a new water conserving irrigation system, modern harvesting equipment, and doubling the harvestable acres to provide the highest quality turf grass.

Building on a well-established 25 year-old farm, we at Spirit Valley Sod are bringing modern equipment, new processes, and current technology to enhance sod in southern Saskatchewan area.

Reasoning... the sod farm was already an established, fully functioning business. With the new owners, modern practices have been implemented to build the farm into a generational business.


Why is Sandy loam important?

Have you ever wondered why there is often large cracks between sod that has been placed? It is all in the soil. Sandy loam is the gold standard for sod. As clay content in soil increases, the quality of sod decreases. The reason is simple, when dry spells hit, and soil moisture evaporates clay-based soils will shrink. Sandy based soils maintain it's dimensions therefore significantly reducing the large cracks in your sod.

Why call it Spirit Valley?

Spirit Valley Sod Farm was chosen in reference to, a very special bend in the river located on the property. There are directional rock formations (Wheels) pointing to the bend in river that has been considered a spiritual portal to the next world in First Nations Culture, and so the name was born.